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Card services

Lost, stolen or damaged cards

You can report them in our App. If you don’t have it, you can do this by calling us on 0800 085 2404

Lost or stolen cards FAQs

Freeze or unfreeze your card

Pause the panic when you misplace your card with the Freeze/Unfreeze button in our App.

More about freezing your card

View your card PIN

Don’t worry about forgetting your PIN, it’s always available to view in our App.

More about viewing your PIN

View your card details

Don’t have your card to hand? Your card number, expiry date and CVV are always available to view in our App.

More about viewing your card

Turn gambling transactions on your card on and off

To help you keep control you can put a block on your debit card for gambling transactions.

Managing gambling transactions

Controls for your card at cash machines

Our App can be used to switch cash withdrawals on or off and change the daily withdrawal amount on your card.

Card controls for cash machines

Control where your card can be used

Our App can be used to lock and unlock your card for online, contactless or Chip and PIN transactions.

More about card controls

Activating your debit card

You can use your card and PIN as soon as you receive them. To enable the contactless function, you'll need to make a Chip and PIN transaction first.

Claim a debit or credit card refund

If you haven't received a refund or something's gone wrong with your purchase, see our guide on what to do.

Claim a debit or credit card refund

Help with your Debit Mastercard

Everything you need to know about your Debit Mastercard.

Mastercard FAQs page

Pay with your phone or contactless

Most phones can be used to pay for things by adding your card details to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay (depending on which phone you have). And to make setting this up even easier, you can use the card details stored in our App (sorry, this isn't currently available for Samsung Pay).’

Make payments up to £100 with just a tap of your card.

More about contactless

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