Our charity partners

How we hope to fight financial unfairness, with help from our non-profit partners

We’re proud to be supporting 2 amazing charities who both share our hopes and ambitions for the future. We all want to take steps to support, create change and build a brighter financial future for our younger generations.


Shelter and IntoUniversity are both charities that work hard to provide guidance, training and tools to those looking to become financially independent. So we’ve teamed up to share ideas, expertise and experience to help give young people the best possible start.


When facing any sort of housing problem, it can be hard to see a solution, and sometimes getting advice is the first step to feeling more in control. So our specialist teams are working with the experts at Shelter to provide free advice and support. In turn, this means we can help our customers better understand their rights, obligations, what their situation means for them and any support that’s available.

How we’re working together

  • dedicated members of our team are working with Shelter on their support helpline
Sam: "Working with Shelter has been such a privilege! I thoroughly enjoy my role on the helpline, taking emergency housing calls, and I take great pride in sharing the ‘fd sparkle’ with both clients and colleagues alike. I am delighted that the secondment has been extended and I look forward to maximising the opportunity, to really forge the relationship and continue sharing what we do best.”
  • helping raise awareness of World Homelessness Day via our Big Sleep Out event at first direct arena in Leeds
  • sharing our expertise on customer care, the housing market and helping with financial difficulties
  • offering tickets to sporting and entertainment events as prizes to help raise money that can help Shelter do more
  • hosting permanent donation stations where our people work to make it easier for them to donate
  • offering our people volunteering opportunities in local Shelter stores.


Young people growing up in disadvantaged areas can face significant barriers when trying to access higher education and/or jobs. That’s why IntoUniversity provides 41 local learning centres in communities across England and Scotland, where young people are inspired to achieve. And we’re helping them give as many young people as possible the tools to get where they want to go in life.

How we’re working together

  • providing important fundraising support across Leeds and Glasgow
  • hosting workshops and celebrations for students, rewarding them for their hard work
  • offering our people the chance to volunteer eg painting and decorating at IntoUniversity student centres to help create the best possible learning environment
  • working with IntoUniversity to support their mentoring schemes, providing guidance on careers, pathways and higher education
  • supporting diversity and inclusion by hosting insight and recruitment days.

Shelter, National Campaign for homeless people limited. Charity number: 263710. IntoUniversity. Charity number: 1118525 (England and Wales) & SC049776 (Scotland), Company Registration Number 6019150.