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Your Debit Mastercard

We’re switching our debit card provider from Visa to Mastercard®. So if you’re a 1st Account holder, you’ll be receiving your new Debit Mastercard in the next few months – which you should start to use as soon as it arrives. For more information please visit our FAQ’s.

Can I use my new card straight away?

Once it arrives, you can use your new Debit Mastercard straight away. Your PIN will be the same – unless we told you that you’d receive a new one with your new Debit Mastercard. In this case, your PIN should arrive shortly before your Debit Mastercard so that you can start using it straight away.

What will be different?

As part of our plans to bring you an even better banking experience, we’re switching from Visa to Debit Mastercard. We’ve listened to your feedback and introduced some exciting new features, so your new card is fit for the future.

Your personal information is laser printed on the back, which lasts longer than previous embossing. The sleek re-design has also created more room, and by improving the layout, your card will be easier to find when stacked in your digital wallet.

Accessible features are also added as standard. With a carefully-placed arrow and notch to assist with orientation and tactile dots to help you identify your card in your wallet, everyone can enjoy better banking with our new Debit Mastercard. 

Will my 1st Account be affected?

Don’t worry, nothing else about your 1st Account is changing. We’re simply providing you with a new Debit Mastercard to help us bring you the best possible banking experience.

What happens next?

We’ll be in touch via your preferred communications method to talk you through what to expect, and what you need to do – but the process is simple:

1. Make sure your contact details are up to date – it’s quick and easy to do this on the App or Online Banking

2. Wait for your new Debit Mastercard (and PIN if applicable) to arrive in the post

3. Start using your new card

4. Destroy your old Visa debit card (we recommend cutting it up into small pieces, and throwing it in the bin)

5. Once you’re up and running with your new card, remember to update any saved payment details, such as those linked to online shopping websites or subscriptions

What do I do if I haven’t received a new Debit Mastercard?

We’ll contact you via SMS or email to let you know that your card is on its way. If it has been longer than 7 working days since we contacted you, and you still haven’t received your new Debit Mastercard, give us a call as soon as you can on 03 456 100 100.

All of our customers currently holding a Visa debit card should receive their new Debit Mastercard in the post by 10th September. You should start using your new card straight away, as your Visa debit card will be cancelled 30 days from the date printed on the letter with your Debit Mastercard when it arrives, or from the first time you use your new card. Once your Visa debit card is cancelled, you won’t be able to use that card to spend money in your account.

Temporary changes when using an ATM

When you use your Debit Mastercard at an ATM:

  • you won’t be able to access mini-statements
  • at HSBC ATM machines only, you won’t be notified if a cash withdrawal takes you overdrawn and charges may be incurred
  • at HSBC ATM machines only, there will be no message on whether your balance includes your overdraft when you make a balance enquiry.

Alternatively you will be able to:

Ways to bank at an HSBC branch

Although we don’t have any branches ourselves, you can always bank in person at any HSBC branch, or with our friends at the Post Office. 

  • pay in a cheque using the Cheque Paying in Machine in a HSBC branch. All you need to do is input your sort code and account number onto the keypad. 
  • pay in a cheque at a branch over the counter. Use our branch finder to check the branch has a counter service.
  • pay in a cheque using our fd Mobile Banking App
  • pay in cash over the counter at the branch. You can find details of branches here
  • pay in cash or cheques at the Post Office. You can find details of branches here
  • send cheques direct to fd

To find out more about our accessible services please visit firstdirect.com/accessibility. If you’d like this information in another format such as large print, Braille or audio, please contact us on 03 456 100 100 or Text-phone 03 456 100 147 and we’ll be happy to arrange an alternative version for you.