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From 21 November 2022, you'll no longer be able to register for the service.

From 2 March 2023, you'll no longer be able to use Paym to make a payment.

If you're already registered for Paym, you'll be able to receive payments until 7 March 2023.

What was Paym?

Paym was a third-party service that allowed you to send and receive money using a mobile number. Paym was closed in March 2023.

Why was Paym closed?

The way people send money has changed since Paym was first launched in 2014, with fewer people registering and using the service every year.

Paym was closed on the 2 March 2023, and so you'll no longer be able to use the service.

What happens if I have made a Paym payment to the wrong person?

If you've accidentally sent money to the wrong person using Paym, please give us a call as soon as possible on 03456 100 100.

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