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Using your card outside the UK

You can safely use your first direct debit, Credit or Gold card anywhere in the world, the same way as you would at home. It's worth bearing in mind that fees may apply when using your card outside the UK.

  • Use your Debit, Credit or Gold Card worldwide

Use wherever you see the relevant card network provider logo displayed - in shops, restaurants, cash machines and even contactless.


  • There’s no need to contact us

You don't need to let us know you're going away, we will look out for any unusual spending on your accounts, as we would do when you're here at home.


  • Use our App or Online Banking to track your spending whilst you're away

It pays to go local

If you’re using your card outside of the UK and given the choice of paying in pounds or in local currency, consider choosing local currency. By selecting this option, you’ll usually get a better exchange rate and you’ll avoid any additional conversion fees the retailer or their bank may charge.

Holiday checklist

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Travel Insurance

Travel Money

We like to make things simple, even our fees, have a look at our table below for a breakdown.


Fees for a debit card payment in a foreign currency

Fees for a cash withdrawal in foreign currency, or from a cash machine outside the UK

ATM card limit
Debit card 
None None Up to £500 (Dependent on available balance)

Non-Sterling Transaction Fee (for purchases)Non-Sterling Transaction Fee

(for purchases)

Non-Sterling cash fee (use at ATM)Cash Advance Fee

(use at ATM)

ATM card limitATM card limit
Credit or Gold Card
Non-Sterling Transaction Fee (for purchases)2.99%
Non-Sterling Cash Fee (use at ATM)2.99% (minimum £3)
ATM card limitUp to £500 in local currency