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Contactless cards

Contactless. Effortless.

All first direct debit and credit cards feature contactless technology – look for this symbol on the front of your card.

contactless symbol - radio wave
  • make payments up to £100, simply by placing your debit or credit card close to the contactless symbol
  • designed to make smaller value purchases easier
  • no hanging around to insert your card or wait for change.

When making a contactless transaction, remove your card from your wallet or purse to make sure you’re using the one you intended to.

Step 1. Look

For the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of £100

Step 2. Place

Your contactless card close to the reader


Step 3. Processing

A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed

Step 4. Approved

All done, your payment is approved

It’s worth bearing in mind:

  • from time to time, for extra security we’ll ask you to input your PIN
  • if contactless stops working you can use your PIN to reset it
  • you can view your debit Mastercard PIN in the ‘Cards’ section of our App if you need a reminder.