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Payments and transfers

How do I send money to a new payee?

To send money to a person or company for the first time, you'll first need to set up a new payee. You can do this through our App or Online Banking from the ‘Move Money’ screen.

Please refer to the Payment limits section before proceeding to send money.

​To set up a new payee, you’ll need: ​

  • the payee's name​
  • the payee's sort code (6 digit number) ​
  • the payee's account number (usually an 8 digit number) ​
  • the payee's account type – personal or business ​
  • the payment amount​
  • a payment reference (to help identify the payment) ​
  • your Digital Secure Key​

The first time you send money to this payee you'll be asked to verify the payment biometrically, or by using your Digital Secure Key password. We'll only ask you this once, and once the payee has been set up and confirmed, you can select them again from your list of existing payees. ​

In normal circumstances, the payment should reach the payee straight away, subject to internal checks.


How do I send money to an existing payee? ​

Once a payee has been set up you won't need to enter their information again. You just need to select them from your payee list by going to ‘Move Money’ and then 'Existing Payees and My Accounts’.


What is Confirmation of Payee?

'Confirmation of Payee' is a name checking service for UK based accounts. This is used to help identify your payment will be sent to the intended recipient.

WARNING - Authorised push payment scams are used to trick people into sending money to fraudsters pretending to be someone they're not.

When setting up a new payee or new standing orders, or amending an existing payment you’ll see one of the following messages:

Details matched: The name of the account holder, account type and number, as well as any relevant reference you’ve entered, match those held at the payee’s bank

Close match: The name you’ve entered closely matches the details held at the payee’s bank.

We’ll show you the actual account name if this closely matches, to help you decide whether or not to send the money or edit the details and try again.

Not matched: The name, account type, account number or relevant reference doesn’t match the details on the account.

If the details you enter don’t match, try going back to the person or organisation you're trying to pay to confirm their info. Double check their details before sending any money, as you may not get it back if you send payment to the wrong payee.

The best way to contact them is on the phone, rather than replying to an email. Fraudsters sometimes set up email addresses of the person or small business you’re trying to pay. Use a telephone number from a trusted source or, an official website (if paying a business).

What is Confirmation of Payee >


How do I send money between my first direct accounts? ​

You can make a transfer between your first direct accounts, for example, from your savings to your current account, via our Mobile App or Online Banking. ​

  1. From the ‘Move Money’ screen, choose the account you want to transfer from. ​
  2. Select ‘Existing Payees and My Accounts’. ​
  3. Choose the account you wish to transfer to. ​
  4. Enter the payment amount​

In normal circumstances, your money should be transferred straight away, subject to internal checks. ​


How do I send money outside of the UK?

Sending money to a person or business abroad is just as easy as making a payment in the UK. You can send up to £50,000 online or over the telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fees as little as £5. ​

​For more information about sending money outside the UK visit our International Payments page.


I think I’ve made a mistake with my payment​

Once you've made a payment, unfortunately it can’t be cancelled. However, you can cancel or amend a standing order or Direct Debit.  In the App this is in the ‘Move Money’ tab, in Online Banking it’s in ‘Manage Money' and then 'Regular Payments’. ​​

​If you think you’ve made a mistake or something doesn’t feel right, please chat with us in the App or message us.


Payment limits​

Please note that payment limits may be subject to change. If the payment you wish to make is not listed below or exceeds the limit, please call us on 03 456 100 100 †. ​

  • Sending money between your first direct accounts - £999,999
  • Sending money to accounts in the UK* - £49,999
  • Sending money to accounts in the UK via our App** - £30,000
  • Standing orders - £5,000

*Money sent in sterling direct to the account of another person or organisation in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. All money is sent via the Faster Payments service if the recipient's bank is able to accept money in this way. ​

**Payments using the Mobile App can be made to another account in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man using their sort code and account number, up to a daily limit of £30,000 per account. ​

† Text-phone 03 456 100 147 or if calling from abroad +44 113 234 5678 (Text Relay +44 151 494 1260). Because we want to make sure we’re doing a good job calls may be monitored and/or recorded, we hope you don’t mind.


Cryptocurrency payment limits

The following limits apply:

  • Payments – £2,500 for a single payment and a total payment limit of £10,000 in any rolling 30-day period
  • Debit cards – £2,500 for a single card payment and a total card payment limit of £10,000 in any rolling 30-day period

These limits are applied per customer with transaction values monitored over a 30-day rolling period.  You can still receive payments from cryptocurrency exchanges into your account.