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Third party mandate

What's a third party mandate and how could it help?


A third party mandate is a first direct specific document that gives another person (a ‘third party’) access to your bank account. It’s a request from you to first direct, telling us you’d like another person as well as you, to carry out everyday banking transactions on your first direct bank account.

Whether it’s short-term help or regular support, a third party mandate could make life easier if:

• someone is temporarily unable to contact us 
• someone is helping you with tasks like paying bills
• a power of attorney is being registered
• someone needs support with a single account, rather than all their finances.

Important information

The account holder must have ‘mental capacity’ when a third party mandate is introduced.


If you have an existing mandate registered and you open a new account, you’ll need to request a new mandate to include the new account.

All instructions from third parties who aren’t first direct customers must be in writing.

If you’d like to restrict what the other person can do with your account, simply tell us when you register the third party mandate. For security reasons, we won’t give them access to our App, online banking or a debit card.


If the third party is your representative, then you are responsible for the actions and decisions they carry out with respect to your account. If the third party makes a payment that you have not authorised, you must let us know immediately. There may be instances where we need to raise a report to the police.

What can a third party do with a mandate?

They can:

  • Set up and make payments.
  • Set up, change and cancel standing orders and Direct Debits.
  • Collect cash at an HSBC branch.
  • Order statements.
  • Discuss transactions and payments.

They can't:

  • Use our App or online banking.
  • Use a debit or credit card.
  • Use an ATM.
  • Apply for new lending products.
  • Open new accounts.
  • Close existing accounts.

How to register a third party mandate


Step 1 - call us

Give us a call us on 03 450 511376 and we’ll send you a third party mandate form to fill out.

If the third party is not a first direct customer, they will need to provide us with identification.

Step 2 – return the signed form

If we need more information we'll call you, and if we need any supporting documents, we’ll ask you to send them to us.

Step 3 - registration

Once we’ve received your supporting documents, we’ll register the third party mandate and send you a confirmation letter to let you know it's done.

Cancelling a third party mandate

You can remove or cancel a third party mandate at any time by giving us a call on 03 450 511376.

In some circumstances, we might automatically end a third party mandate ourselves. For example, if either you or your trusted person has lost mental capacity, or if either of you die.