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Court of Protection order

The Court of Protection (COP) makes decisions on financial or welfare matters for those who can no longer do so themselves. 

A Court of Protection order is usually introduced if the person needing help has lost mental capacity and they don’t have a power of attorney. The COP can authorise deputies to make decisions on behalf of the person needing help (the donor).

If the deputy doesn’t bank with first direct and they’re registering court of protection, they’ll need to provide us with identification.

The application can be a lengthy process, and the proposed deputy will need to apply to the court, rather than the person needing the help. The court is there to protect and safeguard those who can no longer manage or look after their own affairs.

Understanding mental capacity

Having mental capacity means you're able to make and communicate your own decisions.

Someone who’s lacking mental capacity could be suffering from an illness or living with a disability, meaning they can’t do one or more of the following:

  • Understand information given to them about a particular decision.
  • Retain information long enough to make a decision.
  • Weigh up information to make a decision.
  • Communicate their decision.

For more information on understanding mental capacity, see www.nhs.uk.

How to register a Court of Protection order

Step 1 - get everything ready
You'll need the original or a certified copy of the Court of Protection order

You’ll also need: 
•    the full name and contact details of any deputies 
•    the donor’s full name

Step 2 - call us
Give us a call on 03 450 511376.

We'll gather all the information we need from you and let you know which documents to send us.

Step 3  - send us your documentation
Next, send us any documentation we've asked you for.

Step 4 – registration
Once we’ve received your documents, the Court of Protection order will be registered.

We’ll send you a letter to let you know when this is done.