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We're committed to helping you stay in control of your money. One way we do that is by letting you know up front about any charges that might apply to any of our accounts - after all, nobody likes a nasty surprise. Have a look through the tabs below for more detailed information about each products' charges.

first direct debit card

Using your card outside the UK

All foreign debit card payments or cash withdrawals outside the UK are converted to GBP by Mastercard using their Payment Scheme Exchange Rate which applies on the day of the conversion. Details of the current wholesale market exchange rates can be obtained by calling us on these numbers: in the UK  03 456 100 100 (Text-phone 03 456 100 147) or from outside the UK +44 113 234 5678 (Text Relay+44 151 494 1260).

We don't charge any fees for making debit card payments, or cash withdrawals, in a foreign currency or from a cash machine outside the UK. But some cash machine operators may apply a direct charge for withdrawals from their cash machines and this should be advised on screen at the time of withdrawal and the fee will be shown as a separate line on your statement.

See more information on the rate of exchange Mastercard used when converting your transaction.


  1st Account
Cancel a cheque
1st Account


Copy of a cheque/credit
1st AccountFree
Status Enquiry (including VAT)
1st Account£10.72 
Inward payments received from banks within UK:
1st Account

in Sterling: Free


in currency above £100 equivalent: £8.00

The issue of an indemnity for a lost share certificate/dividend warrant and sundry items
1st Account0.5% of the value, minimum £50
Branch payment cheque (drawn on Savings Accounts)
1st Account£10.00
Duplicate Statements, interim or additional statements (e.g. fortnightly, weekly)
1st AccountFree