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In our latest instalment, we discovered that while 61% agreed they need to plan for the future, 60% also agreed that they need to start enjoying their life and living for today.

As part of our goal to improve people's attitudes and behaviours towards money, we've been working with YouGov to create tour 3rd Money Wellness Index - a deep dive into the nation's feelings about money.

After such a turbulent year, the contradiction of wanting to seize the moment, while also planning for the future is understandable. And it is possible to do both. By understanding your attitudes and behaviour towards money, you can make a money plan that really works for you - leaving you with room to enjoy the now. Get to know your relationship with our money types quiz, which also offers useful tools and tips based on your money type.

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Discover what drives your money decisions and unlock handy tools and tips to help you manage your money in a way that works for you.

This quiz does not constitute financial advice.

Financial wellness: seperating your money and emotions

Dr Ash, a neuroscientist and behaviour change expert, shares his tips on how to plan for your future by figuring out what really brings you fulfilment.

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