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Save Money On Energy Bills

With unpredictable hikes in everyday essentials and bigger bills at the end of the month, it’s a difficult time for us all. We’re on a mission to help you manage your money, with specialist tools and features across our App and website, plus support available from our award-winning team 24/7.

But sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Those little tweaks or minor adjustments that all add up.

So in a bid to look after the pennies, we want to share some of our favourite cost-saving tips and tricks. Quick and easy fixes that will help you pocket an extra bit of change every week.

Quick kitchen fixes

A lot of energy is used in a kitchen, but this also means there are lots of ways to save money. When cooking, try putting a lid on top of your pots and pans. Food tends to cook a lot quicker when the heat is locked in, and this will result in up to 30% less energy  being used. If you boil a kettle rather than heat up water on the hob, this will also save you a few quid a week.

Speaking of kettles, a staple of all British kitchens, descaling your kettle regularly will help it boil a lot quicker than one with limescale. And if you’re only making yourself the one cuppa, only add the amount you need to the kettle. Boiling a full kettle costs a lot more!

Keeping it clean

Even though it goes without saying, using the eco settings  on your dishwasher or washing machine really does help. Try washing up manually and saving the dishwasher for once a week, as water generally costs a lot less than electricity. 

We recommend doing the same thing with your washing machine, and filling it up for 1 or 2 big washes a week . Lots of smaller washes with just a few shirts in them will see a big boost to your bills at the end of the month.

There are also lots of washing powders or capsules out there that work great on a cold wash. Switching down from 40° to 30° or even 20° will save you up to £13 a year and it does wonders for the environment too.

Tumble dryers are a big expense as well, so try hanging your washing outside or using a clothes rack. If you ditch the dryer  you’ll really see the difference at the end of the month.

When it comes to baths and showers, swapping to 1 weekly bath and using the shower instead will save you around £20 a year on energy bills. Cutting your shower time by just 1 minute will save you even more – a whopping £207 a year, and a further £105 if you have a water meter!

Everyday electricals

I’m afraid your Mum and Dad were right. Switching things off at the mains and not to standby really will make a difference. Flicking those switches and unplugging charged devices will save you around £65 a year.

Using lights a bit more sparingly will add up too. Not leaving the the landing light on, getting a timer for outside lights, and turning lights off when you leave a room will add up to £25 a year in savings.

Is it hot in here?

Heating your house is always going to be one of the biggest expenses come the end of the month, but there are many little fixes to get the most value from it. The optimum room temperature is between 18-21°C, so if you try turning the temperature down to this you’ll be able to save around £100 a year

If you have a combi-boiler, lowering the flow temperature to 50°C for heating and 55°C for hot water will use about 8% less electricity. We recommend insulating your pipes and cylinder on your boiler to keep the heat in. Both of these little hacks will save you about £170 a year!

Bleeding your radiators might seem like an obvious one, but it really will help in the long run. Check your radiator for any cold spots, and if you find any give it a quick bleed. This will make your radiator much more efficient.

Our biggest and best advice however, comes from the money-saving master himself, Martin Lewis. His biggest tip is to heat the human, not the house. Slipping into an extra cosy hoodie and pairing it with an electric blanket is much more efficient than heating your spare bedroom you won’t even use. Drawing your curtains will help keep that heat in too!

What can you do if you're still finding things tough? 

If you find that you're struggling with your energy bills, the best thing to do is to reach out to your energy supplier as soon as you can. We've included links to some of the most common suppliers but if yours isn't listed here, please visit their website to find out what they're able to offer. 

Our specialist team is also on hand to help provide financial support if you find yourself in a difficulty financial situation. More details are available on our dealing with financial difficulty page.