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What is midata?

midata is an initiative to improve transparency across the banking industry. midata provides personal current account customers, who are registered for Online Banking, with access to their transactional data for their current account(s) only, which they can upload to third party price comparison websites to compare and identify the best value. Each price comparison website display alternative current account providers based on their own calculations.


How do I access midata?

Select your 1st Account from 'My Accounts' then the 'download' button at the bottom of the page. A new page will open with the option to download midata. Read the text and select the tick box then 'Download midata'.


Is there an Industry wide Code of Practice for midata?

Current account providers and third parties associated with midata have committed to a midata Code of Practice which is available on the following website: www.pcamidata.co.uk


Will all banks be part of midata?

midata is a voluntary scheme however many of the major UK banks are participating.


Which accounts is midata available for?

midata is only available for personal current accounts.


Why does midata have to be in a specific format?

Using a common format means you don't have to type your information into a price comparison website, but can simply upload the file. Please note that because of the specific midata format it mustn't be amended before uploading to any third party comparison websites.


Using midata, what is compared?

The provision of data in the midata standard format allows customers to upload this to price comparison websites. In line with the Code of Practice price comparison websites should display alternative current account providers based on their own calculations for charges, fees and interest.

midata only compares current accounts that are currently available and may not compare benefits from reward and loyalty schemes, insurances and offset mortgages. For more information please visit www.pcamidata.co.uk.


What time period will midata cover?

The downloaded file will cover a 12 month period. However, for fraud prevention purposes midata won't include any transactions made in the 30 days before you choose to download it. e.g. if midata is downloaded on 15 April 2015, the midata period is from 15 March 2014 up to and including 14 March 2015.


What if my account has been open for less than 12 months?

As long as there have been any transactions on the account within the 12 month midata period, midata will still be available to download.


Why do some of my transaction descriptions contain asterisks?

Asterisks are used to replace information that isn't required for personal current account comparison purposes. This has been agreed as the industry standard for midata.


What can I do to protect myself against fraud and financial crime online?

For information about protecting yourself against fraud and financial crime visit the Fraud and security.


Can I use midata for anything else?

You should only use your midata download for uploading to price comparison websites.


Can I download midata using my tablet or mobile?

midata has been designed only to be downloaded using a PC or a Mac with internet access.