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Deaf, hearing or speech impaired

Video Relay Service

This free service allows you to do your banking using British Sign Language (BSL) by connecting you with a qualified interpreter via the webcam on your device, who’ll then relay your conversation to us.  

This service is available 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


This video explains it all

  • How do I use it?

    Before you can use our Video relay service, you'll need to download the software to make sure your calls are secure and the video quality is good - start using SignVideo here.

    Once you've done this, select the SignVideo icon to open a secure video link to a qualified BSL interpreter. You'll need to have your account and security details to hand.

    Your information will be relayed in real time - so SignVideo won't store your details, and any information you provide will be protected in line with your Account Terms and Conditions.

    What you'll need

    To use this service you'll need a device with a webcam and one of the following:

    • iOS 8 or above
    • Android 4.4 or above
    • PC or Mac with an i3 processor or above
    • Internet Explorer 9 or above or the latest versions of Firefox (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

    You'll also need at least a 0.3MB internet connection but we recommend 0.5MB or more. If you don't know what speed your internet is, please contact your supplier.

    If you need help

    If you have any technical questions or problems please contact SignVideo directly by email at help@signvideo.co.uk or by calling 0203 388 0771.

    If you have any questions about using this service to access your account, please give us a call anytime on our standard number 03 456 100 100 and we'll be happy to help. If you're abroad you can call +44 113 234 5678.

    Next Generation Text Services (NGTS)

    This is a national service that helps people with hearing loss access the telephone system without the need for specialist equipment. To use it, just choose one of the options below and you’ll be connected to an assistant who can relay your conversation for you.  

    You can contact them by:

    Once it’s set up, you can add the 18001 prefix to any direct phone number to contact us with the help of the text relay service.

    Text Relay

    This could help if... you have trouble speaking or hearing on the phone

    Text Relay can translate speech to text and text to speech when you contact us by phone.

    You can call us via Relay UK and a Relay assistant will type out what our adviser says. You'll be able to read this on your computer, mobile, tablet or textphone, then either speak or type your response. Find out more about Relay UK

    How to access it

    You can use this service by downloading the Relay UK app. If you're using a textphone, enter 18001 before the number you want to dial.

    Relay UK is a third party, which means HSBC UK isn't responsible for this service. The service will be subject to third party terms and conditions and privacy practices. If you have difficulty using this service, please contact Relay UK directly.

    Hearing Loops in HSBC Branches

    HSBC have installed these in all of their branches to improve the sound quality for people using hearing aids. As a first direct customer you have access to this service, you just need to turn your hearing aid to the T position to use it.

    If the counter service is closed, or you’re having problems with the loop, one of the branch staff will be able to help. If you need more information on using your hearing aid with loops, it might be best to speak to an expert eg your doctor or audiologist.

    You can find your nearest HSBC by using their branch finder.