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Pride in our people

At first direct, we’re proud to be a diverse and inclusive community of people.

We’re also proud to have built a bank that revolves around people – our own team and our customers.

As longstanding supporters of Leeds Pride, we will of course make some noise and join the celebrations each year. But we also want to share the everyday realities of being members of the LGBT+ community.

#EverydayPride is so much more than rainbows and glitter. It’s real life, 24/7.

Thank you to Scott, Paul and Orla, members of True Colours – our Pride Network here at first direct – for opening up about their highs and lows.

Listen in to their stories below…

Scott’s story:

School days, stereotypes and how to stop caring what people think.


    Paul’s story:

    From lockdown break-up to breaking point, and getting better at dealing with mental health.


    Orla’s story:

    Keeping a diary, coming out and feeling at home in the LGBT+ community.

  • We know we’re ‘just a bank’. But we’re a bank that cares deeply about people – it’s always been that way, since 1989. 

    So we hope these stories help to open your eyes to everyday LGBT+ realities, and encourage you to listen to those around you. There are many, many voices yet to be heard, understood and embraced.   

    If you’re struggling yourself, we hope these stories help you find the confidence to open up to your friends, family, colleagues, a charity, a helpline, a support group and/or a loved one too.  

    Below are just a few places you can find trained people, ready to help you make sense of what and how you’re feeling: 

    For more mental health helpline information, take a look at the Mind website

    Opening up to others about how you’re feeling can be hard. So if you’re not quite ready to talk to someone yet, there are lots of other helpful pages on the Mind website that can help you prepare for that conversation in the future. 

    Remember, all of our people found a weight was lifted when they started being more open about how they were feeling. 

    Talking is powerful