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2021 Holiday Checklist

Your Holiday Checklist

Thinking of going abroad this year? Already booked to go away? Travelling in 2021 will be a little different from how you may have travelled in the past. Aside from working out if you can get the time off work and figuring out exactly how many pairs of shorts you’ll need, there’s lots of new things to consider and work out the answers to, before you start packing your suitcase.

To help you with this, we’ve created a handy list of questions to ask yourself if you’re planning on hitting the skies for a well-deserved break.

About your destination:

  • Is it ok to travel to the destination you have in mind? You can check the current UK Government travel advice, as well as details on the new traffic light system here.
  • Are there any quarantine rules in place where you’re planning on going?
  • Will places be open? With the current restrictions, have you checked that you’ll still be able to do what you’d like to do whilst you’re there?
  • And if so, will you need to pre-book?
  • If the UK Government guidance changes whilst you are there, will you and those travelling with you be able to quarantine when you get back home?
  • Have you checked what the rules are regarding refunds, or rescheduling your booking?

Things you may need...

  • Will you need a health certificate, proof of a negative Coronavirus test, or proof of vaccination to enter the country you’re heading to? Can you get these in time?
  • Have you budgeted for any tests you may need, for example, any you may need before returning to the UK or ones when you land back in the UK? Are you able to arrange these? 
  • Do you have the right travel insurance cover for your needs? If you’re a first direct customer, you can take a look at some of our most frequently asked travel insurance questions here.
  • Do you need a visa for the country you’re visiting? If so, are you able to get this?
  • Have you checked that your passports are in date and will cover you for the duration of your tripo?
  • Are there any vaccinations you need before you go? If so, can you get these from your GP or will you need to arrange to have these somewhere else? Will you also be able to get these in time?
  • Have you got the foreign currency you need? If not, are you able to get this?
  • Is there anything else you may need to consider, that may be a little more difficult now? For example, arranging transport to the airport, or even booking any pets into kennels? 
  • If you’re travelling with children, is there any extra arrangements you need to make for them? 


Last but not least...

  • Are you happy with the compromises you need to make, or would you prefer to take a break closer to home (or even at home) this year?