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Apple Messages 

We’re launching a new messaging service to give you even more ways to keep in touch with us.

You can now have general questions answered using Apple Business Chat. This is not a service for specific account queries - we won’t be able to discuss your personal account and product details, or complete transactions and other banking services. 

You’ll need to have an Apple device that supports the Messages App. When you are browsing our website and click on our customer service telephone number, you will be offered “Chat Suggest” that gives you the option to message us as an alternative to giving us a call.

If you’d like to get started using Apple Business Chat, follow the below tips to make sure you do it securely.

When speaking to us, please be aware of these key points: 

  • we will be identified as first direct during Apple Business Chats with us in Messages
  • don’t share account details, passwords, access codes or other sensitive information. first direct won’t ask you for these details in the Messages app, so if someone does, it’s not us 
  • anyone with access to devices connected to your iCloud account can see communications made using this service
  • we won’t pro-actively contact you through Apple Business Chat, but we may still send messages to you to provide: text banking services (such as overdraft and fraud alerts) or One-time Passwords (OTPs)
  • we won’t ask you for any personal or account information
  • please don’t use this service inappropriately or send us anything that’s illegal or could offend. Our staff may block you if you do
  • please don’t share images, videos or other media as we’re unable to view these. We won’t ask you to send them.

If you receive any message that you don’t trust, don’t select it, respond or forward on the message.

Please note: 

  • first direct doesn’t operate Apple Business Chat or the Messages app. Apple will process your messages according to its own terms and conditions and privacy notice, which you can check on its website. Apple will know you’re communicating with first direct
  • we’ll reply as soon as we can to your message. You can still call us on our usual number for any urgent queries or if you believe your message may not have reached us
  • first direct may record and monitor your chats and use your personal data as set out in our Privacy Notice

If you want to discuss your account or other sensitive information, or prefer not to use Apple Business Chat to speak to us, you can use our mobile app or call us instead.

Remember, we won’t contact you unexpectedly using the Messages app. 

Apple and Apple Business Chat are trade marks of Apple Inc.