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Confirming online card payments

When you use your debit or credit card online, we may ask you to verify the payment with your Digital Secure Key, or by entering a one-time passcode.

​​This makes it harder for fraudsters to make online card payments without your knowledge.​

What to do if your online card payment gets declined​

​As part of new Payment Services Regulations, the merchant you’re making a payment to needs to process the payment using ‘3D-Secure’. If they aren’t ready with this new system, an error message will appear when you’re trying to complete your purchase. The error message will be from the merchant, so these types of error messages won’t always look the same.​

If an online card payment is continually declined, please give us a call on 03 456 100 100 and we’ll look into this for you.

What to do if a regular payment on your card hasn’t come out​​

For regular payments like a gym membership or streaming subscription, you may be contacted by the retailer if they haven’t been able to confirm your card payment.

Additional steps may be required to verify that it's you who's using the card, and the merchant will need to organise this with you directly.

This applies to all card payments carried out in the UK and EU.

Confirming online payments is made for mobile

It’s really easy to confirm payments safely and securely using your mobile device. You can download our amazing App on compatible devices to quickly confirm payments in just a few taps.​

You can also use your mobile number to receive a one-time passcode sent by text message. Make sure the number we have on file for you is up-to-date from your ‘Profile’ settings.​

If you’re worried about being able to confirm online card transactions using either our App or a one-time passcode, please call to see if we have another option you might find useful.​

  • Confirming online payments FAQs

    Don’t fall victim to a scam. Never share your one-time passcodes with anyone including us. Fraudsters pretend to be people you trust like a company you pay bills to, first direct, or even the police.