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Pay in a cheque, pay in and withdraw cash

For all those other things such as being able to pay in a cheque, pay in cash and withdrawing cash, this is how we can help.

How to pay in a cheque using the App

  • Pay in a cheque

    Use the mobile app

    You can now pay in a cheque anytime, any place using your compatible phone.

    Cheques that are paid in before 10pm on a working day using the app will be available by 11:59pm the next working day, providing it's not been returned unpaid.

    You will still be able to pay in a total of £750 in cheques per day with an individual limit of £500 per cheque.

    All you need to do to pay in a cheque on your app is to long press on the account you’d like to pay your cheque into and select ‘Pay in a cheque’. If you don’t have the ‘long press’ feature on your phone, select the account you want the cheque to be paid into. 

    On an iOS phone, you will then need to tap the three dots on the top right of the screen and then select ‘Pay in a cheque’. 

    If you have an Android phone, you will need to tap the plus sign which can be found on the bottom right of the screen and then select ‘Pay in a cheque’.”

    Once you have done this then enter the amount that is on the cheque, scan the front and back of it and submit this to us. It’s easy as that and you don’t need to post them in anymore or go to a branch or the post office.

    Paying in a cheque is quick and simple to do in the app but if you want a look at how you can do it check out our video. If you have any questions about paying in a cheque in the app, see our FAQs for more information.

    Post them into us

    You can use your own envelope or chat with us in our App - go to 'Help' and select 'Chat now'. Or in Online Banking, select 'Message us'. 

    first direct, PO Box 1538, Northampton, NN1 9HY.

    You can use your own envelope or chat with us in our App - go to 'Help' and select 'Chat now'. Or in Online Banking, select 'Message us'. 

    Don’t forget to also include a paying-in slip or to write your account details on the back so we know where to pay the money.

    In a branch

    We don't have branches - but our friends over at HSBC do. And lots of them. So if you need to pay in cheques, you can drop into your local branch. You can pay in at the counter or you can use the cheque paying in machine by inputting your sort code and account number onto the keypad. 

    Find a HSBC Branch

    At the Post Office®

    You can pay in cheques, using a pre-printed first direct credit slip, from your paying-in book. You'll also require a HSBC Post Office® cheque deposit envelope - which you'll find on the Post Office® counter. Do not put cash in the deposit envelopes.

    Cheques paid into the Post Office® may take a day longer to reach your account than cheques paid in at HSBC branches - and this is assuming you do it before the Post Office® branch cut-off time. They'll be able to tell you when this is.

    To find your nearest office or check opening times: 

    Branch Finder | Post Office

    Paying in or withdrawing cash

    In a branch

    At HSBC branches you can pay in cash over the counter and withdraw cash at the ATM and at the counter. Withdrawing cash over the counter is a free service - but you'll need to arrange it first by calling us anytime on 03 456 100 100.

    At the Post Office®

    If you have a 1st Account, you can use your debit card at any of the 11,500 UK Post Office® locations across the UK to:

    • check your balance
    • pay in
    • withdraw cash 

    The most you can pay in is £6,000, but this may be lower in some branches.
    Cash withdrawals will count to your daily limit.

    You can also pay in coins over the counter up to the value of £250 per transaction. Just ensure they are bagged by denomination. 

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